Christian Bunyan


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Christian Bunyan

Human-made illustration 

︎ Information


My name’s Christian.

You can email me here:

Or, if you’re one of the few humans who still speaks to other humans, try this number: + 00 31 (0) 65505 6014.

And here’s a newsletter, a creative show and tell, which I run with a friend. 

A Bit About Me.

One of my earliest memories is drawing spaceships and monsters on my grandmother’s floor.

Several decades later, I’m still drawing spaceships and monsters. Though now I try to mix them with a little philosophy, literature, and other culture-related stuff.  

A Bit About My Background.

For many, many years, I worked as an advertising creative (here’s my communications portfolio).  

So I have some idea of what plays well, commercially-speaking, and how to to deal with clients. Speaking of clients: my illustrations have helped an animation studio, an extreme sports camera equipment maker, and an organization promoting positive science news.  

Also, I’ve had the good fortune of being trained by some of the finest illustrators, concept artists, and creative thinkers on our little blue planet. 

Hopefully, their wise lessons can be seen in my work.